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The Sight Word Adventure

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Children will enjoy 10 mini-games that symbolically explore the cognitive skills necessary to remember up to 320 sight words such as, visual attention, the morphology of words, active listening, and visual memorization.Developed with The English Common Core State Standards in mind, this app will ensure that children have increased exposure to high-frequency words that appear in text. These interactions will enable them to acquire the words into their long-term memory. Our list was chosen based on Dolch’s and Fry’s compilations which account for over 50% of words that appear in printed text.
Recommended Ages 3-8
FEATURES• 10 timeless mini-games • 320 sight words spread across 5 levels (PreK- Grade 3)• Algorithm that chooses words based on Hermann Ebbinghaus’ memory theories • Choose to play with UPPERCASE or lowercase letters • Personalized and customizable play to include specific sight words chosen by parents or teachers• Multi-user interface • Secure gaming environment: No ads, no external links, no in-app purchase, no social media access, no personal information request• Real time dashboard to track progress• Bright, colourful, and encouraging characters• Clear, concise instructions
ABOUT US Edoki Academy’s mission is to provide children with enjoyable early-learning activities using the latest technologies. Our team members, many of whom are young parents or teachers, strive to produce tools that motivate and inspire children to learn, play, and progress.
PRIVACY We take your child’s privacy very seriously, for this reason, we are proud to offer a product that is certified COPPA compliant by PRIVO.
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